The extreme boob job wasn’t enough! She’s want to be a black woman!

19-year-old German, Martina, who claims to own the largest breast in Europe (Which I really doubt), has decided to radically change her look again.

Her gigantic boobs wasn’t enough.

But not in the usual way like a new hair color or Botox in her lips, but by making a lot of injections to change… the skin color.
Yeah, the skin color of her whole body!
She wants to be a black women, or “African Women” as she says.

This is just batshit crazy. So the story goes something like this:
Her “fantastic” boyfriend forced her to leave work and paid for the plastic surgery of her boobs.
Nothing shocking about that, we all heard it several times before.

As I understood it both she and her boyfriend is injecting her. I wonder if she was forced into this by him.
I’m just speaking my mind here.

Here’s her by the pool, starting to get some “tan” I assume.

However, these injections are by no means harmless. We don’t know much about the chemical yet, but we know that they can cause cancer….
And some side effects that include; nausea, loss of appetite, changes in skin pigmentation and the growth of moles.

She have gone full African! LOL.

Now, Martina wants to increase the size of her booty. According to some of her friends, she has already signed up for an appointment with a plastic surgeon.

Good luck Martina, the African Bimbo Queen! Open-mouthed smile

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